Hifiman arya vs hd800s

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Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. Comparison Review: Arya vs. Home Forums Equipment Forums Headphones full-size. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter tylerfutrell Start date Jul 21, Tags arya audeze hifiman arya lcd-3 lcd-3f lcd3. Post 1 of I think it makes sense to review through comparison, since on their own they are both great cans and also people read reviews to help figure out what to try out or buy.

HiFiMAN Arya measurements and impressions

Which is preferable depends on the track, but for me in this aspect Arya is preferable more often. The soundstage also influences this. Bass : Both cans have great, planar bass, extending deep and having good impact. I include this with the mids because its function is mostly to color them and actual mids are quite similar. LCD-3 continues down after 2k, while Arya starts going up, so that by 3k they are pretty far apart.

But it has to be the right track. Baroque classical for example, often favors LCD Sometimes also, in popular music LCD-3 has a bit more meatiness, leaving Arya slightly thin feeling. Upper Treble : While LCD-3 is warm from the bass through the lower treble, in the upper treble it cools off, and can be just as icy sharp as Arya at times tambourines and ride cymbals, for example.

This is exaggerated in mixes with artificially elevated treble, however on more natural mixes like the aforementioned Baroque musicit sounds very lifelike. I could imagine someone liking this all the time, though.

I am treble sensitive, and Arya is about my limit without causing fatigue, but sometimes crosses that border on certain tracks. I don't think Arya ever lost for that reason. Resolution : This is another big differentiator.

Arya really steps up the game for this price bracket. Soundstage and imaging: sometimes a larger soundstage requires a tradeoff for less precise imaging. In this case Arya somehow has both a larger soundstage and more precise imaging. The only dimension LCD-3 equals Arya in is depth. They have similar width, although Arya is a little wider. Arya is the tallest stage I know, other than HEX: it is like a halo of sound, while LCD-3 is like a baseball cap: things sit closer to the head, and it projects forward some information that Arya projects upward instead.We purchase our own headphones and put them under the same test bench, so that you can compare the results easily.

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hifiman arya vs hd800s

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hifiman arya vs hd800s

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$2400 Headphones? Sennheiser HD 820!

Live BT Wireless. E45BT Wireless. Elite 75t Truly Wireless.We purchase our own headphones and put them under the same test bench, so that you can compare the results easily. No cherry-picked units sent by brands. They sound practically the same as the Edition X but with a tad better mid-range and harmonic distortion.

They also have the headband design and metal yokes of the Sundaraso they have a lower profile, and should be a bit more durable. Unfortunately, HiFiMan does not have the best track record with durability and like most open-back over-ears, they're only designed for critical listening.

Mediocre-at-best for mixed usage. The HiFiMan Ananda are great critical listening headphones, not designed for other use cases except maybe home theater.

They're a bit better built than the Edition X, with a more durable yoke design and a slightly more premium look. They also deliver an excellent sound quality with a wide and spacious soundstage and a comfortable design that you can wear for hours. This makes them the ideal critical listening headphone but a poor choice to use in noisy environments since they do not block any noise.

They're also bulky, cumbersome headphones that are not designed for outdoor use or physical activity so they are best used at home and in isolation where you can enjoy their sound quality and not distract anyone around you or be distracted by the ambient noise of your surroundings.

Great for neutral listening. The HiFiMan Ananda are one of the best sounding headphones we've tested so far.

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They have a well-balanced sound that caters to all genres, with a good amount of bass and an accurate representation of the instruments and vocals in the mid-range. They also have an excellent soundstage that will feel large and open. Additionally, they're comfortable to wear for hours, although they're not quite as breathable as other open back over-ears.

They're a great choice for any neutral listener. If you do not mind a bit less bass then check out our review of the Stax SR-L They have a similar performance for neutral listening and some may prefer their sound thanks to their Electrostatic drivers although the slight lack of bass does men they won't be ideal for all listeners and genres.

Not suitable for commuting. The open-back ear cups do not block any ambient noise and leak a lot. Also, they're not portable and do not have a control scheme for mobile devices. Sub-par for office use. Unless you work alone or in an isolated office, the leakage level will be too bothersome for those around you.

Also, the open-back design does not block any noise so you will hear your environment fairly easily even when listening to music at higher-than-average volumes.

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Mediocre for gaming.Discussion in ' Headphone Measurements ' started by VtoryFeb 20, Super Best Audio Friends. Read these "rules" AND introduce yourself before your first post. A healthy approach to understanding measurements Being true to what the artists intended. Tags: arya he hifiman. Will return them this Friday.

My overall impression is very positive so far. Honestly amazed. Some highlights of subjective impressions Arya tonality reminded me of hex v1 no ab, just from my memory. Very pleasing and well-balanced. Easily love tastefully tuned mild W-tonality -- nevertheless to my ears sound quite coherent and continuous from bottom to top.

I have a certain set of criteria regarding showstoppers -- boring bass, muddy or honky midrange, and piercing or sibilant high treble -- but arya failed in none of these. Vocals occasionally sound harsh or too edged but not as problematic as stock hd or focals. For this reason, arya might work better with something complementary meatier and fuller sounding headphones.

But to much less extent for arya-hek2. Articulate is the best word to describe arya.

Audio Engineers and Audiophiles Delight – Audeze LCD-X vs Sennheiser HD 800 Comparison Review

Both HEK 1 and 2 did surprisingly well in this regard, but arya is a bit more improved on top of them. Making me revisit the favorite tracks to find something hidden at least less evident before. Bass is equivalently satisfying compared to my current go-to ether 2. Main difference is that Arya is more articulate and E2 is tighter and punchier. Both well match to the detail level of bass reproduced by convert-2 -- only bested by susvara. DTPed is also great but too dry by comparison. Very engaging and life-like.

Transience and delineation are all very good with Arya. Sounds faster than any other HFMs I experienced except classic line and susvara. Treble sounds artificial but enjoyably controlled. I need to emphasize this. Like other hek variants, arya scales very, very much -- potentially bad if good signal is not fed.

No wonder. In addition, arya taught me that convert-2 still had potential to pull out. Good thing in my book. Headband is largely identical with hex -- it can swivel.

For 1. Cable is not as weirdly-looking as hex or hek but inflexible like elex cable and cheap-ish.The new line of higher end HiFiMAN open-back over ear planars has always been a bit daunting for me to get into due to the large size of the cups. In any case, both of these headphones look a bit scary, but once you start using them there are good reasons to not care about how huge they are.

Review units provided on loan for evaluation by headphones. When I first started evaluating these, my initial reaction was that while they both sound quite good, the Ananda was the superior headphone. If I had written this review after the first few days of comparing the two, I would be stating exactly that, and actually the Ananda is so good that in my opinion it completely destroys its price bracket. It has to be said that the design for both of these is their least desirable quality to me.

Thankfully, the cups are so big that much of the pressure created by the clamp and lack of swivel generally on the jaw is alleviated and spread out across the side of the face.

Not only do the yokes feel cheap and creaky unlike the Anandabut the headband adjustment is completely nonsensical. When I adjust the arms to get the cup to fit properly on my ears, the strap for the headband puts too much pressure on the sides of my head. It feels like no matter how its worn, it sags down. When adjusting the arms further, which I have no idea why anyone would need to, the bottom of the cup protrudes past my face and onto my neck.

My guess is that not everyone will be as picky as I am when it comes to this stuff. But in noisy environments this is less than ideal. I can even hear my desktop computer fan noise in the background. Moreover, when sitting back and relaxing, even just putting my arms above my head and leaning back completely changes the sound.

Now to the good stuff. These are both extremely well performing headphones, to the point where they dramatically outperform their price point. Both the Arya and Ananda do extremely well here. As mentioned in my opening remarks, when I was first comparing them, the Ananda stood out as having better detail retrieval.

The Ananda puts everything up front, causing all the details to be more forward, intense and immediately noticeable.

Light Sound Rulez - HIFIMAN Arya Review

And in that sense, I consider the Ananda to be a planar magnetic equivalent. The Arya on the other hand is closer to the HDs. Both are extremely fast, tight and punchy, but the Arya does edge out the Ananda slightly in the speed department, yielding a slightly more engaging sound overall. Both headphones focus the music less to the sides and more to the front, but the Arya has a noticeably bigger stage overall.

More importantly, the Arya has incredible depth and instrument separation.Anyone have any experience with these? Was the Arya considered the replacement to the Edition X? I believe so, they align more with the Edition X V1 in price than anything else. If anyone has any questions I can help and answer them.

The Arya however captures everything I wanted in the HeX and improves on it by a considerable margin. While the HeX felt sometimes veiled and somewhat too laidback, the Ananda was too shouty and the treble too peaky. The Arya is perfect. Increase the detail and resolution on the HeX and what you get is essentially the Arya. I owned the He a few years back. I also found the mids a bit thin. Compared to thethe Arya has excellent bass presence. Well detailed with good impact and rumble.

hifiman arya vs hd800s

The treble is energetic but never reaching the point of sibilance. Very well extended and detailed, yet smooth. As for the mids, they just sound fuller. There is no hollow effect that I can generalize the he as having. There is a lot to like on this headphone. It just sounds right. A slight tilt to the warmer side of neutral which gives notes a good weight.

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Soundstage is massive. This makes me think of a planar HDs. It also feels as if the images are… taller?TNW uses cookies to personalize content and ads to make our site easier for you to use. They leak music out to the world and let noise in, a necessary compromise to reduce reflections and resonances that could distort the sound. A history lesson for those not in the know.

Needless to say, hype was stratospheric when the HD was announced in January. Sennheiser promised to emulate or improve on the sound of one of the most-open sounding headphones in the world, in a closed-back design.


And what a gorgeous design it is. The headphone, despite its size, is remarkably comfortable. The earpads are more plush than its predecessors, and the headphone is light enough that I had no trouble wearing it for hours. The closed design is decent at blocking out external noise, and more importantly, lets little of your music out. I can use them late at night while my girlfriend is sleeping.

That glass is for more than just aesthetics — its curved design helps redirect sound emanating from the rear of the drivers into a dampening material, eliminating much of the detrimental resonance typically associated with closed designs boomy bass for instance. Heck, it sounds bigger than plenty of open-back headphones. In practice, that means audio panned far to the left or right — particularly common in older recordings — will sound more closed.

But I find this is easy enough to rectify with a crossfeed filter on your audio source, and is overall a minor complaint to levy at the HD My overall impression is that the HDS can push sound farther out to the extremes, but 90 percent of the time, the presentation is remarkably similar.

Mids and highs are both detailed impeccably transparent, and I appreciate the slightly tamer treble on the HD It retains most of the high-end sparkle but is less likely to be abrasive — though that might be a matter of preference. It will still reveal bad recordings like a hot knife through butter. Bass, on the other hand, I believe is a clear improvement. Even for classical, that sub-bass rumble contributes substantially to a sense of presence with orchestral percussion or a church organ. And to my ears, the bass remains fast and articulate, never intruding on other frequencies.


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